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Empower your kid's sleep with magical Lunabi world tales. Bedtime stories and meditation promote emotional learning, leading to better rest.

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Bedtime stories and meditation app

Lunabi - the ultimate app for kids' sleep, designed with their well-being in mind. Lunabi is safe, ad-free, and based on established sleep science to help children relax and fall asleep.

Lunabi offers unique audio content featuring gentle, kind, and magically sleepy characters to accompany your child on their journey towards sweet dreams and deep, enjoyable sleep. As parents, you can explore Lunabi's range of characters together with your child and make bedtime a fun and memorable experience.

Our recommended bedtime routine, based on established sleep science, is designed to help your child unwind and prepare for a good night's sleep. With Lunabi, you can create moments of calm relaxation that will soon become your child's favorite time of the day.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to peaceful, restful sleep with Lunabi!

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Original stories and more



Calming tales that encourage kids to use their imagination while learning mindfulness, relaxation, and personal growth.


A variety of music types like classical, nature sounds, and lullabies to help you feel happy, relaxed, and sleep better.


Calming practices to relax kids body and mind for a peaceful sleep, and to wake up feeling happier and refreshed.

Picture Book

A screen-based alternative to traditional bedtime storybooks. It can lift kids' mood and create a calming experience before bed.


Relaxing collection of nature sounds like rain and waves or calming music to help you focus or sleep.


Kids can Practice breathing in and out with thier favorite character for one minute to ease anxiety and feel better.

The app is designed by a parent, for all the parents out there.

Sleep is crucial, especially for children, as it supports healthy development and sustainable well-being. As parents, we understand its significance, and that's why we created Lunabi. Our content is designed with precision, considering science and psychology.

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Lunabi: Bedtime stories

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